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We are a company that specializes in professional long term time-lapse filming
from the same perspective.

Time-lapse filming is an ideal choice for documenting the construction of buildings
of an unconventional architectural design.

Our offer is aimed at construction companies and investors who wish to have the construction process documented on time-lapse film.

Our time-lapse films are made in Full HD and Ultra HD.

A time-lapse film may document the observation of a building site from one perspective or in a more advanced form: observations from different vantage points.

In this way, we can create a film in which the changes of the vantage points would be supplemented with filming from a drone.

Different objects may also be the focus of observation (for a high-density building), masts (including the standalone masts in our offer) or cranes.

Most of the films start with the preparation of the site for investment and finish
when the building is fully operational.

In the standard option, photographs are taken every 5 minutes, but it is possible
to increase the frequency.

We generate over 5,000 photos from one vantage point monthly and we select
only those that document important changes at the building site.

The service is offered as a subscription. Contact us for further details.

A perfect complement to our offer are 360° pictures at a resolution of more than 100 MP, showing successive stages of construction.

The purpose of their use remains unrestricted - marketing or control of materials used during construction, technological solutions, etc.).

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