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Shots from a drone allow to observe large constructions where time- lapse film cannot have so many details due to the size of the area that is observed. An observation from the air is one of the most effective, we film from high and low level from close and far distance. Our customers used films as a a report from a construction site for an investor thousands of miles away who would adhere to the principle “I will not believe until I see”.As well, there were examples of using films as a proof of completion of works (with cyclical monthly arrivals, when the customer decided to verify an event from 4 months ago).

A film from a drone in FullHD and UltraHD definition, we do not charge a fee, a price covers about 10 minutes ( about- because it is difficult to record 10 minutes when we only have to prepare a small area to start the investment, if the object is extensive, we film outside and inside and the time approaches 20 minutes) of the ready-made video material.

The most often chosen option is filming from a drone at the beginning and at the end of the investment (when assembling and disassembling devices for a time-lapse movie, reducing costs).

A service is provided as a subscription, for more details we invite to contact us.